Sue Woolnough

Following a rewarding career as an Art teacher, Surf Coast artist Sue Woolnough is continuing her passion as a practising artist. Sue paints striking and vibrant works that are a combination of processes and chance.

An interest in interior design informs her colour palette and her bold expressive brushstrokes provide a feeling of movement and energy.  Her painterly style can equally be calming and gentle, providing a welcoming ambience for any home.

I allow the colour and the paint to drive the painting. It provides wonderful surprises and challenges and that means I need to keep an open mind and have a flexible approach.

Sue’s works explore both real and imagined places, in a style that is intuitive and emotive. The viewer is drawn in and invited to engage more closely, discovering hidden depths within.

My work reflects the inner peace I feel when I’m out in Nature. As I paint I am totally absorbed and in the moment. Memories of places, textures, shapes, and the intricacies of the natural world are a constant source of inspiration.

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