Rosemary Eagle

My art has often been a response to world events. In the summer of 2020 I produced a body of work expressing the devastating impact of the massive bushfires burning out of control in Australia; this theme continues to weave itself into some of my new work. When COVID-19 began I started exploring ways to express the changed world we now live in and struggle to comprehend.

Isolation, such as we experienced during lockdowns, is not new to me due to the limitations of living with a neuropathic disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and the resulting disability. Sometimes my more abstract works express the lived pain experience and this is usually reflected in the title.

My interest in the landscape extends beyond the Grampians Region where I live to encompass the Geelong region. During regular stays at Epworth Geelong hospital I am able to observe in detail the changing weather patterns and the most spectacular sunrises from Level 5. For seven days this becomes a huge part of my world, it is also an opportunity to reflect on many aspects of life.

I enjoy printing unique states rather than editions because I find this fosters my sense of experimentation and keeps the work lively and the process exciting. I work in my home based studio and am fortunate to receive support and feedback from my husband John whose life has also been devoted to the arts.

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