George Lianos

My approach to sculpture is extremely simple. It’s predominantly about line, energy, movement and feeling. Aesthetics, balance and harmony are always in the mix and critical to my work. I try to imbue my sculptures with a poetic sense. Recently I read a quote from Jean Miro, the greatly admired abstract painter, I make no distinction between painting and poetry.” To me, that is aesthetics on a deeper level.

My inspiration is wide and varied, beginning with Henry Moore in my high school years whom I tried to emulate for a while. Modigliani, Rodin and Picasso provided great inspiration for me, and I have much admiration for artists like Van Gough and Cezanne who passionately pursued their art even though the society of their time often scorned and ridiculed the work.

Experimentation with both styles and media is  important to me for inspiration and stimulation. It serves to make my work quite varied, sometimes figurative, stylised or graphic, sometimes abstract or geometric. Conversely, I enjoy experimenting with variations on the same style and theme, constructing and deconstructing aspects of the same design.

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