Adrian Lockhart

Adrian Lockhart was born in 1947 in remote Queenstown, Tasmania. A doodler from the beginning, his mother always complained that she could never find a piece of paper without drawing all over it. Since the tender age of 14, he always knew he wanted to be an artist. He took his work to the Launceston Examiner where he so impressed one of Australia's master cartoonists, Alan Langoulant (winner of World Newspaper Forum Prize in the USA), he was given a job on the spot.

In 1970, Adrian moved to Sydney, the big smoke, to broaden his horizons. With a folio in hand and the years of tutelage from Langoulant as well as his art studies from Launceston Technical College, Adrian commenced a successful career as a commercial artist. Maintaining his love of painting, he managed to seek out every spare minute, to make time for his brush and canvas. He started exhibiting in 1973 and by the early 80's he finally gave up his commercial career to concentrate on painting full-time.

Adrian brings sensuality to its peak whether he is painting an apple, a pear, a bottle or a woman's body. The sureness of his touch can make a single line speak volumes; the sweeping curve of an arum lily is as seductive as the roundness of a shoulder or the angle of a woman's head as she turns to kiss her lover. Lockhart applies the same deft skill to the meticulous build-up of color in his paintings. In fact, at times they achieve richness almost synonymous with the old masters. Yet his paintings are quite contemporary, almost abstract at times.

Lockhart has continued to exhibit in solo exhibitions throughout Australia nearly every year for the past 18 years. Today his paintings are represented in major collections internationally in England, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and the USA.

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